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Patient Testimonials:

5 days ago 
Dr. Ebrahimi is a great dentist. So thorough and detailed. His work is impeccable. I have been seeing him for years and recommend him to my family and friends!
4 months ago
My wife and I have been a patient of this practice and Dr. Ebrahimi for many years. We luckily found him after bitten so hard by two other dentists in West LA. This practice and Dr. Ebrahimi are hands-down one of the most professional, caring and ethical ones in the field. Dr. Ebrahimi is focused on the actual problem and doesn’t do unnecessary services that other dentists may do for revenue. He’s extremely accommodating and has tried his best to work around my unpredictable schedule. I can’t remember a single incidence where my wife or I have been unsatisfied with his care. All the treatments or surgeries have been very smooth and as painless as it could get. I have referred my friends and they all have been as happy as us. I give my highest recommendation for Dr. Ebrahimi.
                 Smokey Tejada
4 months ago
Haven’t been to a dentist in quite a while because of past experiences. Had a easy fun time at this dentist and can say that I’m very satisfied with the staff and setup. Will definitely be returning!! 10/10 for me

Klara Firestone Klara Firestone
6 months ago
It was our lucky day when we found Dr. Ebrahimi accidentally through our dental plan. My mother was having a dental emergency on a Wednesday, when most dentists are out. Dr. E was not only there, but took my mom immediately. He was gentle, she felt NO pain while he worked on her. And when it came time to pay we were shocked at the cost. For once here was a dentist that didn't try to gouge us. Then I tried him the next time I needed dental work and had the same experience. We won't go to anyone else and I have referred him to all my friends, who also swear by him.

Daryn Rose Lee

3 months ago
Love Dr. Ebrihimi! He is super prompt and responsive. Gets you in and out quickly and never feel any pain ever!
Justine Joromat
8 months ago
I very highly recommend Dr. Ebrahimi as one of the best dentists in Beverly Hills. I did my cleaning yesterday and I felt really comfortable during the procedure. He was very gentle and did a fantastic job! Everything was explained throughout my first visit and he even helped me out about my insurance. I actually look forward to my visits now

Michael Miora
a month ago
Dr Ebrahimi is the best dentist I have ever seen. He is sensitive with impeccable craftsmanship. He is also very responsive

Gabi Stewart
6 months ago
I LOVE Dr. Ebrahimi!! He’s so sweet and is such an amazing dentist! His office is also extremely clean and welcoming (: so glad I found him!

Seppy Azadi
a year ago
I have had extensive experience with dental work unfortunately and Dr. Ebrahimi provided one of the BEST experiences so far. The work itself was painless, prompt, clean, and effective. He set my expectations of what to expect in each visit perfectly. A completely unusual bonus is the fact that he addressed the billing himself which is extremely rare, but as a patient, it was one of the best billing experiences as well. End to end, I will not hesitate to go back to him again. Terrific experience.
Audrey Meaney
a year ago
I was dreading finding a new dentist after moving to LA but I’m so glad I found Dr. Ebrahimi! The office is clean, conveniently located and there is free parking right down the street. Dr. Ebrahimi is patient, professional, and will always help you work through all of your options (I am about 3/4 of my way through Clear Correct treatment). I highly recommend Dr. Ebrahimi and Beverly Wilshire Dental Group!

Mercedes Noriega
a year ago
I had a wonderful experience. Super professional! I visited his office over almost 2 years. First when I was pregnant and I had a root canal. I was really nervous and scared and everything went fine. Later he took care of the many cavities I had! Not painful at all and really fast! Later I decided to give a try to the invisalign. After almost one year treatment I'm done and I'm really satisfied with the results. I would definitely recommend this dentist. I tried a few before and I didn't like them but I stayed with Dr Ebrahimi because he doesn't make me waist time and money!

Tyna Ahdout
10 months ago
I can’t recommend Dr. Ebrahimi enough! He is an amazing dentist, very kind, and thorough! His office is always a pleasure to visit!

Natalia M.
a year ago
His diminure takes all the anxiety of sitting on the chair away. I never feel the shot he has to give to numb my mouth. His work is exampelary. He is professional, knowledgeable and sensitive to your situation. I am extremely happy with all the work he has done for me. �� �� �� �� �� ��

Christopher Lockhart
a year ago
Terrific dentist. Friendly, professional, easy going, and does excellent work. Dr. Ebrahimi takes his time, fully explaining the plan and procedure. It's a stress-free dental experience.

Ghazaleh Fouladian
a year ago
Highly recommend Dr. Ebrahimi!! He is caring, honest, gentle, straight-forward and hands down THE BEST dentist I have ever been to (and I've been to quite a few). All the best qualities you want in a dentist these days.
Just finished with my Invisalign treatment today and decided to treat myself to a teeth whitening treatment!! WOW...what a difference!! Can't wait to show off my straight pearly whites!
He also made me bleaching trays to be able to maintain my pearly whites at home! How cool?
Looking forward to my 6 month cleaning. Thanks Dr. E

Kevin Safatian
a year ago
Dr. Ebrahimi is a true professional all around. He really takes his time to make sure your needs are being met, as he takes his time to make sure everything is perfect. I highly recommend him for all your dental needs. Thank you Dr. Ebrahimi

Suzanne Padi
a year ago
I could not recommend Dr. Mehryar Ebrahimi enough. From the very first time I stepped into his office, Dr. Ebrahimi was kind, helpful and efficient. The treatment I received has time and time again exceeded my expectations and has truly made “going to the dentist” an experience I look forward to.

After working together for almost a year using corrective aligners, I now have a smile that makes me feel confident and for that, I am very thankful to Dr. Ebrahimi.
Paul Lohan
2 years ago
Great Reasonable Rates?

All at a Dental Office?

No Wayyyy!!!

But thats what I truely experience with my every visit at The Beverly Wilshire Dental Group!

You'd never think going to the Dentist would be such an experience!

But I'd say, go and experience for yourself!

5.0 star rating

 It's been more than a year since my last cleaning. What can i say, i hate going to the dentist. I cant begin to tell you how anxious i get due to a bad experience i've had with a prior dentist. 

I had my teeth cleaned by Dr. Ebrahimi and i am proud to say that he has restored my faith :) His staff was so friendly, his office was clean and orderly, and above all he made me feel good about having my teeth cleaned. He was very gentle during the entire procedure and at the end of my visit we talked about one of my favorite subjects  CARS :). 

i finally found my dentist. hank you so much for the great service.

P.S. the tip about the parking lot south of Charleville was very useful.

Thanks Again.

5.0 star rating

Just came back from a very thorough and careful cleaning.  There was hardly any wait and Dr. Ebrahimi took the time to show me exactly where my back teeth were being affected by grinding and offered to correct those areas, if I wanted, at a later date.

My teeth are now squeaky clean and I have a little goodie bag with a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and mouthwash -- bonus!

Quick tip:  There is a public parking garage just south of Charleville on the east side of Beverly (216 S. Beverly Drive).  If you're getting a routine cleaning you might be able to park within the 2-hours-free time frame -- double bonus!

5.0 star rating


GREAT EXPERIENCE, Dr. Ebrahimi is a great dentist. He is the most caring dentist I have ever been to. He patiently took the time to explain everything to me and helped me to improve my oral health and hygiene. I highly recommend Dr. Ebrahimi for everyone.

  • Danny T.
  • Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating

Amazing dentist, amazing hygienist. Both caring and respectful with extensive knowledge and careful hands.

5.0 star rating

I am so happy I found Dr. Ebrahimi. I have been very pleased with all the dental work that he has done for me at a reasonable price, And his hygienist does an  excellent job cleaning my teeth. He does not try to sell you more than you need. I highly recommend Dr. Ebrahimi!

5.0 star rating


I've just arrived home from an emergency visit to Beverly Wilshire Dental Group where I was seen by Dr. Ebrahimi.  I chipped a molar while dining at a nearby restaurant and googled 'dentist' in the area.  Fortunately, they were open and available to see me within 5 minutes of my call.  Mind you, this is on New Years Eve.

I really lucked out in choosing to go to Beverly Wilshire Dental Group.

I have never in my life had a more genuinely caring, courteous and attentive visit to the dentist.  I have had a fair amount of work done over the course of many years and Dr. Ebrahimi and his staff stand far above the rest.

I would recommend him without any reservation.  And I will absolutely be returning to him in the future for any and all of my dental needs.


5.0 star rating

Dr. Ebrahimi is the most caring dentist I've ever been to. I have always been scared of dentists ever since I was young, but after my last visit in his Beverly Hills office he made me feel very comfortable. I had randomly picked him from a list that my dental insurance had provided and it ended up being a wonderful experience. The primary reason for my visit was to get a complete check-up and cleaning since it has been a while since my last dental visit. I was also interested in teeth whitening. At my second visit I ended up doing the teeth whitening with wonderful results. My pearly whites look healthy and beautiful thanks to Dr. Ebrahimi and his staff. I would recommend this office to all my family and friends!!

5.0 star rating

Dr. Ebrahimi is excellent.  He keeps you well informed, is caring, and his prices are more than reasonable.  I would recommend him to anyone, friends and family alike.

Dr. Ebrahimi impressed me with his hard work ethic, self-discipline, conscientiousness, and determination. He is a person of honesty, humanity, integrity and ethics. He is so knowledgeable and influenced in his job. His satisfaction is his patient's satisfaction and he tries with all his best to make a great job on his patient's teeth. I'm so happy to have him for 7 consecutive years, and I never found a doctor who be as understand, effective communication towards to improve my teeth problems and flexible as him. Thank you Dr. Ebrahimi for all your afford and great job on my teeth.
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When I go for an office visit, I would like my doctor to be patient and answer all my questions without me being nervous or rushed. With Dr. Ebrahimi, I am always comfortable to ask anything regarding my procedure and he is patient in listening. Plus he gives me a detailed answer. I had my teeth cleaned, got a filling and a crown. His work is fantastic, organized and painless.
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Dr. Ebrahimi goes above and beyond to get the job done! My wedding was coming up and after years of neglecting my teeth and drinking coffee and Coke, I really needed professional help with whitening my teeth! After just one session, my teeth were whiter than Regis Phibin's!!! He is very thorough and the staff is amazing. I highly recommend his services!
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Dr. Ebrahimi is excellent!!! He made my trip to the dentist really pleasant and painless. He's very knowledgable - really did a fantastic job on my teeth! They feel so much better! I'm kind of one of those people who have avoided going to the dentist for a while, but after seeing Dr. Ebrahimi, I feel much more comfortable and will go back. Thank you to everyone there!
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Great office, everyone's super nice and the Dr, was very generous and helpful. I got a great rate from them! Make sure to give them a try.
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